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Study Programme

We believe in the importance of providing a wide range of educational opportunities designed to prepare young people for Higher Education and employment.

Our Priority

All students who have not already achieved GCSE grades A* – C in English or Maths will resit the GCSE or take a relevant Functional Skill.

English & Maths

Why develop skills?

The development of maths and English skills are an essential part of any full-time course of study at SCC. These subjects can be developed through Functional Skills or GCSE qualifications, depending on the level which most suits your needs.

Students who improve their skills often find they are better equipped to successfully complete their vocational courses and progress to employment or HE.

Employers have already told us they value people with maths and English skills. Particularly those that can be used in a range of real-life situations to work out solutions to everyday problems.

Universities have also told us that developing maths and English skills as part of the curriculum is important. It means that young people and adults entering HE are more able to immediately focus on their course and cope with what comes their way.

How you can develop your skills?

You will study either maths or English and in some cases ICT, depending on your course.

Functional Skills can be studied at entry level up to level 2.A GCSE is a Level 2 course.
The level you will study at is dependent upon an initial assessment at the start of the academic year.
There are specific entry requirements for the re-taking of GCSE Maths and English.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are practical skills in English, Maths and ICT.

They aim to increase achievement in all learning, improve employability and provide a sound basis for progression to further study or training. They also help develop other important skills such as team work, presentation and problem solving.

Functional Skills are common to all our lives. They help make sense of daily life, from working out which deal is best value, to writing an application letter or surfing the Internet. They are about using English, maths and ICT in everyday situations. They are essential for:
Getting the most from education and training
Personal development of all young people and adults
Developing employability skills

Students with a Grade D

Any school leaver who has grade D in GCSE English or maths will undertake a resit/s at college.
Students who already hold a Level 2 Functional Skill in either English or maths will progress to GCSEs.
Tutors will provide more information about this at enrolment.


In partnership with The University of Oxford.