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Fees & Finance

Support for Full-Time Students

If you’re a full-time student studying on your first higher education course, you can get a government loan for your tuition fees.

Tuition fee loans are only paid back when you are earning over £21,000 a year. Repayments are taken by employers like tax at a rate of 9% of everything over £21,000. If there’s debt after 30 years it disappears, so if you never earn over the threshold, you will never repay the debt. You can get more information on the Student Loans company website, The Student Room.

If you opt to study part-time for one of our qualifications – usually over three years rather than two, then your tuition fees are reduced on a pro-rata basis.

To be eligible for a tuition fee loan, this must generally be the first time you’re studying on a higher education course. To qualify you must complete a minimum of 25% of the equivalent full-time course load per year.

Living costs cover things like accommodation, food and travel costs. This will vary depending on where you study, though in most cases students at South Cheshire College have limited living costs because they continue to live at home whilst studying.

If you’re studying full-time, loans, grants and scholarships are available to help you with your living costs. What you’ll receive will depend on your personal circumstances. To find out what you may be eligible for, visit The Student Room or telephone our Student Support and Welfare team on 01270 654654 ext. 502/501.
Part-time students are not eligible for a grant to cover living costs.

Grants, unlike loans, do not have to be paid back.

If you’re a student from a lower income background they can help pay towards your living costs (food, travel, accommodation etc) while you study.
For current information about what grants may be available and your eligibility, please visit Student Finance.

The National Scholarship Programme (NSP) gives financial help to students studying in higher education in England. The NSP is designed to help students whose families’ income is £25,000 a year or less. Eligible students need to also fulfill a minimum criteria range set by the College.

If you believe that you may be eligible for the NSP, please contact our Student Advisors on 01270 654654 ext. 502/501 once you have an offer of a place at the College.

Some students are also eligible for additional support, including those with a disability or specific learning difficulties, and students who have children or other dependants.

Please see the Bridging the Gap: a guide to the Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) in higher education and Childcare Grant and other support for student parents in higher education for more information.


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