Health & Social Care Students Support Ableworld Scooter Proficiency Workshops

Health & Social Care Students teamed-up with Ableworld to deliver scooter proficiency workshops for  Wulvern Housing residents.

Abelworld provided scooters to show-case in Wulvern Housing’s Pickmere Extra Care, for residents to trial.

Our Health and Social Care students and Ableworld staff were on-hand to support the residents with using the scooters and other aids safely.

Our partnership with Ableworld first began with the launch of a Skills Development Academy for Health and Social Care students at our College campus.  It features a replica hospital ward and a room of an elderly person’s house to create a real-life training area for these students.

Since then, both staff and students from the Health and Social Care department and Ableworld have worked together to support people living in the local Crewe community.

A test track in the patio garden of Pickmere Extra Care was set up to allow residents to test drive the scooters.  Cheshire Police were also there to offer free scooter ID marking to prevent theft.

Nuz Haque has been on a ten-week placement at Pickmere Extra Care as part of his Level 2 Health and Social Care course at South Cheshire College.  He was part of the team of students supporting Ableworld in improving users’ proficiency on their scooters.

Nuz, former Ruskin High and Beechwood Primary School pupil, said: “The scooter workshop has improved my knowledge of using the scooters safely. Working with Ableworld, has built my confidence in supporting residents with this.

“I will be applying to study Social Work at university in September and this experience is invaluable in supporting my application.”

Pat Sandland, Extra Care Manager at Pickmere, said: “The Mobility Scooter Workshops have been brilliant, allowing residents who might be apprehensive to see and try the options.

“The test tracks have given residents a chance to build confidence and knowledge, with the help from Ableworld and South Cheshire College.

“A lot of young people have bad press, but the experience we have had with the Health and Social Care students has been very good!”


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