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Leanne Houlston (PDT), PC Amy Fletcher, three vocational students, Jamie Hulme (PDT) outside Cheshire’s Rainbow Car
Crewe Police help tackle ‘Hate Crime’ in College Awareness Session
Published: May 3, 2017

Over 200 South Cheshire College students took part in a ‘hate crime’ awareness session delivered by Cheshire Police.


PC Amy Fletcher, from Crewe Local Policing Unit, delivered an hour long session highlighting examples of local hate crime and the repercussions on the victims and their families.


Students at the College’s Crewe-based campus were given advice on the different methods and importance of reporting hate crime through a discussion-led presentation.


This workshop comes after South Cheshire College was recently named 50th best company in the UK for their approach to fairness, equality and diversity by the National Centre for Diversity.


Police Youth Engagement Officer, PC Amy Fletcher, arrived at the College in Cheshire Police’s rainbow car, used as part of the hate crime prevention strategy.  The rainbow car design is used in line with the universal lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride rainbow symbol.


Students had the chance to raise the police car sirens and attract more attention to the ‘report hate crime’ branded police vehicle.


PC Amy Fletcher said: “The idea behind this session was to spread the word among these young people that the responsibility is on us all to report hate crime.


“This is not just about the victim reporting the crime, but about everybody working together to do something positive about it.


“My final message through this presentation is to encourage the young people to tackle hate crime.  If you see anybody being targeted because they are different, do something about it either there and then or report it.”


Personal Development Tutor, Leanne Houlston, said: “Thank you to PC Amy Fletcher who often comes to College to deliver important messages to our students.


“This session on reporting hate crime was at times difficult to watch, but as such, did raise questions among the students.


“Hopefully, the presentation has now provided a range of options for the young people to consider if faced with this situation.”