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College Celebrates Boom in Apprenticeship Opportunities
Published: March 7, 2017

We are celebrating a large increase in numbers of young people signing-up to apprenticeships in the last year.

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, our Apprenticeship Team are offering free drop-in sessions to people in the area looking for jobs between 12-1pm every day Monday 6th – 10th March.

Working with 200 regional and national businesses, the most popular apprenticeships have been in business, hospitality and childcare over the last twelve months.

We have a long standing relationship with world renowned, Whitby Morrison. They are the world’s leading manufacturer of Ice Cream Vehicles exporting to 60 countries around the world.

The Whitby Morrison factory currently provides places for four of our apprentices in different roles in construction and engineering at their Crewe-based factory.

Sean Astley, former Ruskin Community High School pupil, said: “The apprenticeship through South Cheshire College, working at Whitby Morrison, is the right thing for me. I am able to work in a ‘hands-on’ environment and find that I learn quicker this way.

“My day at College supports my learning for the job, which is also really useful. I am able to see the progression of every job that I am involved in as the factory shows the production from start to finish.

“This is really rewarding, as I’m able to see every stage of the process and also allows me to see other roles that I can aspire to.”

Director at Whitby Morrison, Ed Whitby, provides the link between South Cheshire College’s Apprenticeship Team and the company. He said: “Our 15-year relationship with South Cheshire College remains as strong as it has ever been. Our company structure relies on apprentices and we are keen to nurture young people in the area into good workers.

“With the right attitude, our aim is to be able to offer the apprentices jobs at the end of their apprenticeship.

“As a company, we believe in the apprenticeship scheme and how that can benefit both the young people and our company.

“For some time, apprenticeships were not provided as a real option for young people, but they are now returning as a valued option. We are proud at Whitby Morrison to have always offered apprenticeships to local youngsters.”


If you wish to find out more about apprenticeships available, please call 01270 654654 or click here for current apprenticeship vacancies.